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Hi and welcome to my page of (I hope) interesting stuffs!! PonyIsland is an online game where you get to play with pixel ponies. This page is a sort of listing of some of the different things available on PI. You can see from the list below, it's varied and whatever suits my fancy at the moment. All I know for sure is, take off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee and make yourself at home. ENJOY!!

and ... before I forget, PonyIsland, all its ideas, artwork, everything - Copyright 2003 - 2016 IdzTech All rights reserved. - so don't get no ideas of taking anything off this site and claiming it as yours!

Now - go and enjoy!

Working on updating this - so please be patient. Some things, I will not be bringing back, cause others on the site have done a good job of providing the information. When I can, I will provide the information and a link to those places. For now, I'm just working on updating what I will put on this site.

PI Events (Advent Calender)

Updated Page Description
Advent Calendar 2009 - This is a first for PI - and as always, let the fun begin!!
Advent Calendar 2010 - They brought it back - and we rejoiced!!
Advent Calendar 2011 - Yay! What a fun holiday!!
Advent Calendar 2012 - It came with a theme - 12 Days of Christmas!!
Advent Calendar 2013 - We were so relieved to see it again this year!
Advent Calendar 2014 - We didn't know what to expect this year - moving to the New PI and all!
Advent Calendar 2015 - Yay!!! We are blessed once again, with the advent calender!
working on this Advent Calendar 2016 - We celebrated in the forest this year!!

Forge/Disassemble (forge recipes and disassemble treat bags and presents)

Updated Page Description
12/15/16 Forged Items
Maxed Forged Armor
- here you can see all the forged items that have been discovered to date
- this is just a page for the maxed armor forges
11/30/13 Disassemble - Let's disassemble all those treat bags, presents and easter eggs and see what's inside!

Items/Ponies/Sgenes (breed release dates, sgene release dates, halloween costumes)

Updated Page Description
11/30/13 VeeZ Gifts
VeeZ's Contests
- VeeZ has contests in her Arena back in the Old PI and would hand out special items. As the site has grown, she has handed out special items to the site and to her working team. Here is listed those items.
10/27/15 Halloween Costumes - I pulled them out to be by themselves .. boy, for them little bitty packages they are wrapped in, they sure do hold alot of stuff.
11/30/13 Ponies/Sgenes - when were they released?

History (what was it like in the beginning)

Updated Page Description
History of PI - this is just a little something I put together a long time ago ... tells you what it was like in the "good ole days"
Ponies from the old PI - have you ever wondered what the first ponies looked like before they came to PI NG? Now you will know :)
Rainbow Hair and Paint Ponies - Sgenes in the old PI - how did you get them?
Old Newbies Manual - from the old PI - just for fun!
Contest - Setting up one in the old PI - now those were the "fun" days - not!!
Old Item Pics - these are the old pics from the store ... so you can just browse at your leisure
Ponies Wearing Items - these are old old old! When I couldn't keep up with the releases of breeds and items, I stopped trying.