Maxed Forged Armor

Last Updated: 02/23/11

Forged Items were introduced at the 6th birthday party. How much fun have we had since that time, trying to find new items that can be put together to get a "new" item! Below are listed the ones we have discovered, in order of the "Forged Food" and then the "Forged Item". Even though it takes both food and items and misc stuffs to forge these, I just wanted to seperate them by those 2 classes. Hope you enjoy my new page!

This is copied from the announcement of the forge:

Item Forge
The item forge is a very special new addition to PI, it takes 2 or more items and merges them into something different! It's located on your inventory page. A new section in the store has opened up due to this called "Misc" where you can buy blueprints and parts needed to forge items.

How to forge an item
To use it you drag the desired items into the box and click next, if the items in question can be forged into a new item, the item they make will pop up next to them, if not, a pop up will appear telling you it's not possible. If you can forge the items the required number of items to make one of the item in question is shown in the little box in the items top right corner. If you wish to make the item, click "Forge" and enter the desired number of items you wish to make and press "ok" and the newly forged items will appear in your inventory.

This page will display the maxed armor forges only. It may be a little confusing when you first look because of repeated "results" - but if you look closer - you will see that you have a choice of 4 different outcomes. It's all in the Blueprints! As of now, Everspring Armor does not forge.

The Maxed Armor Forges!

Forges using the Chanfron & Crinet - Silver

Forges using the Flanchard & Peytral - Silver

Forges using the Croupiere - Silver

Forges using the Greaves - Silver

Forges using the Freaves - Silver

Forges using the Chanfron & Crinet - Gold

Forges using the Flanchard & Peytral - Gold

Forges using the Croupiere - Gold

Forges using the Greaves - Gold

Forges using the Freaves - Gold

Forges using the Chanfron & Crinet - Platinum

Forges using the Flanchard & Peytral - Platinum

Forges using the Croupiere - Platinum

Forges using the Greaves - Platinum

Forges using the Freaves - Platinum